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Working across the trade and construction industry, can involve working in harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, dangerous work sites, or direct contact with chemicals and acids. Everyone working within these industries risks their safety every day at work, so it is important that they are taking all safety precautions, including wearing safety work boots. However, not just any safety work boots are acceptable. You need the best work boots on the market. So, here is where your search for ‘best work boots Australia’ ends. If you are searching for suitable work boots and accessories for any safety concern, you are in the right place.

BAD workwear offers the best work boots for both men and women, to mitigate workplace hazards like cuts, slips & trips, punctures, burns and electrical hazards. It is proven that our work boots are comfortable, while also being perfect for harsh industrial conditions, including contact with water, acids, or oil, and even excess heat.

When creating our work boots, we use high-quality leather and orthopaedic innersoles, to make our work boots the most comfortable, durable and stylish work boots on the Australian market. We provide up to six months of warranty on both our men’s and women’s work boots, so you can see for yourself that BAD Workwear provides some of the best work boots in Australia.

BAD Work Boots BAD Workwear safety boots are designed and manufactured perfectly to meet all expectations, that are expected to be fulfilled by the best work boots in Australia. Our safety work boots deliver great value, comfort and durability to any user, providing a stylish look and comfortable feel to all blue-collar workers.

Redback Boots Redback handmade safety work boots are both tough and reliable. They are available in two different varieties, Elastic Side Bobcat and Side Zip Cobar. Both options are comfortable, stylish and offer safety to all tradies during a hard day’s work.

Steel Blue Boots Whether you like to slide your work boots on with an elastic side, or prefer a side zip for ease of access, Steel Blue Work Boots can offer you both. Steel Blue Argyle, Parkes, and Southern Cross male work boots come with a side zip, whereas the Steel Blue Hobart work boot comes with an elastic side.

When it comes to female work boots, the Pink Southern Cross and the Sand Southern Cross work boots, both come with a side zip. No matter your preference, Steel Blue has it.

Mongrel Boots Mongrel Boots specialise in creating exceptional safety work boots, using premium water-resistant leather and heat resistant outsoles. The Mongrel Safety handmade work boot is lightweight, flexible and easy to get on and off. These features together create one of the best work boots on the market, suitable for the industrial workforce.

Mack Boots Mack Boots, only creates safety work boots of superior quality. As one of the brands offered by BAD Workwear, your feet will be fully protected while wearing the Mack Octane safety work boots, with the perfect flexibility and comfort for your work day.

Work Boots Using AfterPay If you are looking for new safety work boots but are unable to afford the full purchase price, then we can help using AfterPay. Our Afterpay work boots option allows you to shop for work boots and purchase them through payments on an instalment basis. If you need to purchase using this solution, then select the AfterPay option at checkout. Click here to learn more about AfterPay.

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish work boots that are equally as tough, reliable and resistant to varying conditions, then safety work boots from BAD workwear are the ones for you.