While working in a high risk application sector where visibility is vital for safety, it is essential to have quality high visibility safety garments. BAD Workwear’s hi-vis jumper and hi-vis hoodie are made with fluorescent colour fabrics, keeping you visible in the workplace. We are Australia’s number one for work hi-vis jumpers and hi-vis hoodies. Made from super thick materials – these products will keep you warm, make you look good and above all, keep you visible even in the worst conditions.

With our legendary work jumpers and hi-vis heavy duty work hoodies, you can work in any dimly lit area and remain noticeable. Compliant with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 standards, our high visibility jumpers and hoodies are protective and help in reducing low-visibility related occupational hazards. BAD Workwear’s hi-vis jumper and hi-vis hoodie range consists of a wide range of styles for you to choose from.

We offer hi-vis waterproof hoodies and jumpers for those wet, rainy days when you still need to be on the tools. BAD Workwear’s waterproof RAIN-DEFEND sweater, jumper and hoodie series comes in various styles, zippers and pocket styles. Designed for Australia’s work force, this waterproof hi-vis hoodie and jumper come with various options including: with or without zip, and with or without 3M tape – based on your preference.

BAD Workwear hi-vis jumpers and hi-vis hoodies are manufactured to keep the blue collar workforce dry, warm and visible – no matter the weather conditions. Designed with kangaroo pockets and waterproof zippers, they allow you to keep your essential tools handy and protected. The elastic waist and cuffs on our hi-vis fleece hoodies are built to retain body heat and ensure a perfect fit. With special stitching at all stress points, these heavy duty work hoodies are made to last longer.

Whether you are looking for men’s work jumpers in Australia or for women's hi-vis hoodies, we guarantee to have the perfect match for your body online. Our wide range of quality hi-vis jumpers and hi vis hoodies for women and men come with all the features of high visibility safety garments. No matter your body type or working condition, you will find the perfect hi-vis jumper or hi vis hoodie. 

BAD Workwear work fleece hoodies are available in 5 different colours – Navy, Black, White, Army Green, and Heather Grey. Our hi-vis work jumpers are available in 3 colours – Yellow, Orange and Pink. Our iconic work hoodies such as BAD ® ESSENTIAL ™ FLEECE HOODIE, BAD ® ESSENTIAL ™ HI-VIS FLEECE VEST, BAD ® WATERPROOF RAIN-DEFEND ™ HI-VIS FLEECE HOODIE, BAD ® WATERPROOF RAIN-DEFEND ™ HI-VIS FLEECE HOODIE WITH 3M TAPE are market leaders in the industry and guaranteed for comfort, durability and quality.

Regardless of the profession – be it heavy equipment operators, construction workers, security personnel, road and rail workers or contractors - our renowned hi-vis work jumpers and hi-vis hoodies are suited to anyone. Our products are made to endure all the physical stress of your work and built for longevity.

We ship all of our products across the world. No matter where you live or work – we deliver our hi-vis jumpers and hi-vis hoodies to your doorstep. Its the reason we are the 'workwear shop near me'

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