As well as having a reliable selection of good workwear to take you through the week, it’s equally important to have the correct work accessories. As leading providers for the blue-collar workforce, BAD® Workwear also offer a wide accessory range to supplement our workwear with an extra layer of protection and comfort with style.

Bamboo Work Socks: Wearing comfortable socks to eliminate chafing on your feet and toes while you work is vital! Our extra thick Bamboo Work Socks are made from soft anti-bacterial and breathable organic fibre to naturally reduce odour and sweat.

Work Gloves: Get a grip and protect your hands from chemicals, ice, dust, grease and sharp objects. We supply a wide range of safety gloves including  Mec-Dex Gloves Ninja PPT Gloves Ninja Ice Gloves Riggers Gloves  and Mechanic semi fingerless gloves made with top quality materials.

Work Belt: Our BAD® Stretch Canvas Work Belt made from durable stretch canvas moves with you and is not only comfortable - it’s also very cool to wear on and off the site with it’s BAD metal buckle!

Work Goggles: Eye protection is essential when working in a wide array of environments. Get our Safety Goggles and glasses to protect your eyes from dust, chemical splashes, projectiles and harmful lights.

Work Hats: We supply a wide choice of headgear to serve many purposes. Whether you need a Hard Hat for protection, an  Insulated Work Beanie  for warmth, a Legionnaries Hat or  Brim Hat  for complete sun safety. You may just want our  BAD® Snapback Hat  or  Cat Hat  to add a little style to work wardrobe – head protection is important for your safety and comfort.

Work Boot Accessories: Every foot benefits from the added comfort of a plush  Innersole  and BAD® Workwear also offers quality  Boot Laces , and  Boot Guards  to provide an extra layer of care to your work boots.