Art of Coupling Style with Safety: The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Tradies

Is there any good reason why blue-collar clothing should not be stylish as well as safe? Not at all. No matter what industry you work in, work clothing should be stylish and make you feel comfortable and confident.

Yes, for tradies, the number one priority of their workwear is safety because they work in harsh conditions, and with machinery, chemicals and acid. However, that does not mean tradies clothes should be out of style and dull.

There is a lot of stylish workwear for tradies such as, slim-fit pants, denim jackets, cuffed pants and shorts, in a wide range of colours and varieties – but what if they are just stylish and not safe? You should never be compromising safety while achieving style.

However, with BAD Workwear, you will never have to do that. They have a wide range of clothing that will enhance your style, increase your personal comfort and your safety as well.

Above everything, your workwear has to do the job. Work boots need to protect your feet even on unsteady ground and around heavy equipment. Shirts or T-shirts must cover your forearms from sparks, and jackets should keep you warm if you work in freezing cold weather.



Here’s our simple, straightforward guide on how tradies can couple style with safety:


Choose Functional Workwear


When you are working outdoors and doing work that requires you to be active, you need durable, comfortable and functional workwear. The best example of functional and stylish workwear is BAD slim fit cuffed cargo pants.

They are slim-fit and cuffed, which add some spark to your style, and they are fully functional. The lightweight fabric will keep you comfortable while you work, and the cargo style will allow you to carry items in your pockets.

BAD Workwear makes it easy for you to find fully functional workwear work shorts, polos, shirts, singlets, overalls, jumpers, hoodies and everything else you need.


Fit Is the Key


To make any piece of cloth look good on you, the fit is important. Ill-fitted clothes ruin the style, comfort and also safety of workwear. Clothes that fit you don’t disturb you while you work. Whenever you shop for workwear, make sure you check the size charts.

BAD workwear also has female workwear which is specially designed to fit them. So, if you are a female tradie who is still working in ill-fitted men’s workwear, get rid of them right now and shop with BAD Workwear.


Clean Clothing


Every morning you get dressed and make sure your clothes are neat and tidy. Although tradies do some rough work, it can be impossible to keep your clothes clean after a hard day at work; so, it is important to start your day with clean clothes.

No matter what your workwear requirement is, there is a vast choice of brands available in the market which means you have to do some searching to find a brand which offers functional, stylish and safe clothing. Check out the amazing range of safety workwear from BAD Workwear, to find the perfect workwear for you.


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