Best Way to Define Your Workwear Wardrobe As the Warmer Months Approach

Whether we want to accept it or not, the warmer months have now arrived. Hot sunny days are upon us and we need to adjust our wardrobes accordingly.

Dressing for blue-collar jobs in summer can prove to be quite the challenge because you have dress in line with safety regulations, while keeping yourself cool and comfortable.


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So, if you haven’t already started planning your summer wardrobe, here are some of our best tips:

Clean Out Your Wardrobe

The first thing to start with is cleaning out your wardrobe, as winter clothes can take up a lot of space. There is no better way to make space for more amazing summer world wardrobe than going through your closet and storing your winter pieces elsewhere.

Consider selling the items that don’t fit you or donate them to charity. This way, you will not just have more space in your wardrobe, but you will get an idea of what items you already have.



Research is the key – Research will help you to determine what styles and trends are in this season, and which ones you like. It will also help you find out where can you find the most affordable items.

Taking some time to find the best pieces for you, will save you time and money in the long run. BAD Workwear is a known name when it comes to workwear in Australia, and they have the highest quality products and affordable price.


Quality Over Quantity

Always aim to create a small staple wardrobe. While you don’t need too many items, you do need high-quality and lost-cost pieces that you can match together to create your style.

There are some core items and go-to essentials that you should not be without, such as a suitable work pant or short, work boots and some light-weighted vests. Your workwear is one of the factors that determines how safe you are in your workplace, so don’t ever think about compromising.


Pick a Pair of Work Boots to Go With Every Look

A good quality work boot is a must-have for those who work in harsh conditions. This will help you to avoid workplace hazards like punctures, cutting, slips and trips, burns and electrical hazards.

Work boots are also one of the most expensive pieces of workwear you will likely own. So, make sure you pick a pair that goes with every look and that are safe and

durable. When buying work boots for the warmer months, try to find a pair that is breathable to keep you cool and comfortable.



Choose Fabrics Carefully

Fabric plays a vital role in summer clothing; low-quality materials will be hot and sticky. Look for t-shirts and vests made with 100% cotton that prevent chaffing.

Moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial fabric is a must to prevent excessive sweat and odour. If you have to work outdoors, then also choose a fabric that is sun protective.

BAD Workwear has everything to get you ready to beat the Australian heat – be it work pants, work shorts, hi-vis vest, singlets or polos. All of their workwear pieces are high-quality and super comfortable.

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