Choosing the Right Safety Gear to Avoid Workplace Hazards

Workplaces are made as safe as possible for workers, but even with all the precautions, some risks can still remain. Risks like head injuries from falling objects, skin contact with harmful chemicals, eyes at risk from dust or liquid splashes, hand burns, and many more.

High-quality safety workwear like hats, glasses, gloves, and boots are very crucial to ensure your safety at every workplace. Each year, many workplace injuries are reported from all over Australia. With the proper safety workwear and a few extra precautions, these incidents can be reduced significantly.

Learn more about the importance of different types of safety gear:


Safety Work Helmet


One of the most common injuries at work is a head injury. The impact from falling, sharp, and hard objects can severely affect the head. In extreme cases, head injuries can lead to disability or even death so, never compromise on the quality of a helmet. Always wear a safety work helmet to ensure proper protection. 


Safety Glasses


The eyes are the most fragile parts of our body. Thanks to a good pair of safety goggles or safety glasses, you can prevent eye injuries at work.

Depending on your workplace, you will need to get proper safety glass or goggles to protect your eyes from dust, chemical splashes, and harmful lights.




Our hands are our number one tool when we are working, which means they are also often injured, and it is essential to give them proper protection. Depending on your work, you can buy safety gloves from the various options available online. Every kind of glove has different specifications such as protection against sharp objects, cold temperatures, heat, chemicals, or just dust.

Get a grip and protect your hands from workplace hazards. At BAD, you can find a wide range of high-quality safety gloves, including Ninja PPT Gloves, Mec-Dex Gloves, Ninja Ice Gloves, Mechanic semi fingerless gloves, and Riggers Gloves.




Workwear made from high-quality and robust fabrics are essential to cover and protect your skin during work. DON’T ever choose the workwear that just makes you look cool but doesn’t ensure safety.

Wear a light cotton polo shirt and pants during the summer; this will help keep your body temperature cool and make it easier to work in the heat. In the wintertime, layers are imperative to keeping you warm and maintain body heat but can also be removed if you get too warm.

To prevent injuries, excellent visibility at work is crucial, so you should also consider wearing High visibility jackets and shirts to ensure proper safety measures.


Work Boots


Even your feet need proper protection. Safety boots are the best solution to protect your feet from injury. Look for quality materials for safety and durability, inner sole for comfort, outer sole for better grip, and a steel cap boot, which can give extra protection to your toes.

You can find various work boots at BAD from side zip, elastic to steel cap. You can buy the one that suits your style and work. Also, you will get a six-month warranty on all the footwear at BAD.

The tips mentioned above can be easily applicable to any working environment. It just requires little effort; if you use proper safety workwear, it will protect you from hazards and potential injuries. For reliable and high-quality workwear, you can visit the BAD Workwear website or store. From a safety helmet to work boots, you will find everything you need to make your workplace safer.

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