Protective Work Attire for Summer

When temperatures start to rise, it becomes a real challenge to choose appropriate work attire to look professional and keep safe while working in the heat, especially when working outdoors.

In hot weather, it’s essential that you don’t let the heat get the best of you. From lightweight pants and shirts to hi-vis clothing and work boots, you’ll need to stay cool and avoid heat stress while working.

Here are some workwear tips to beat our Australian heat.

Hi-Vis Work Polos and Shirts



Hi-Vis polos, shirts, and singlets keep you visible and safe. This is essential if you work around moving machinery or heavy equipment, where visibility is of crucial concern.

Look for good quality sun-safe, hi-vis, polos, shirts and Tees that comply with the Australian and New Zealand Hi-Visibility Standards. Some inferior products on the market are not compliant, so ensure you have the right level of protective clothing for the intended use.

Work Pants and Shorts

A real challenge during summer is finding high-quality work pants and shorts that are affordable and keep you cool while also looking professional. Fabric must be breathable and designed with moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial technology to prevent excessive sweat and odour.

BAD work shorts are always summer favourites. They provide style with comfort and are lightweight and durable - but if shorts are not allowed on site, BAD work pants bring the perfect balance of lightweight, resilient fabric, superior stitching and functional pockets.

The quality of the fabric affects the fit - workwear has to feel good to move in and be tough and stylish at the same time.


Work Boots



Wearing heavy work boots in summer can be extremely uncomfortable, and poor quality footwear can cause your feet to overheat and sweat.

BAD leather workboots designed specifically for working in high temperatures, incorporate orthopaedic innersoles with arch support, and are lined with soft, non-abrasive, hydrophobic wicking material to keep your feet cool and dry.

Tough, yet lightweight and stylish, with a flexible range of motion for ankle support, our men’s and women’s work boots protect your feet while keeping them cool and comfortable at the same time.

No matter what workwear you purchase, make sure it’s of a high standard. Good quality workwear provides features that poor-quality clothing lacks. Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety, protection, and comfort this summer.

As a leading Australian workwear brand, BAD Workwear supplies men and women with quality clothing and footwear to take on any challenge!

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