The Benefits of Slip-Resistant Work Boots and Our Recommendations For 2020

Workboots is integral part of workwear. No matter how safe your workplace is, slips, and falls are always a risk in industries such as construction, food service, hospitality, health care, facilities maintenance, grocery, and retail.

Slips, trips, and falls are probably the most common injury-causing safety incidents and can result in ongoing skeletal and soft tissue injuries. However, there is one easy step you can take to reduce the likelihood of a slip related injury -  Slip-Resistant Work Boots.

Slip-resistant footwear takes the element of second-guessing when you are moving about the workplace. It takes some concentration to prevent yourself from slipping and falling. However, with slip-resistant work boots, you can you will increase your focus on the job at hand, improve your productivity and reduce the chances of a fall or slip related injury.

Apart from safety and productivity, slip-resistant work boots are comfortable and durable. The thick rubber sole will offer you comfort, and good quality boots should last you a long time.

For anyone who is involved in an industrial job, a safety work boot is a must-have. A good pair of work boots will save you from potential workplace hazards. You are on your feet all day long, and you will want a work boot that will offer you high-level comfort.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of slip-resistant safety boots, below are some of our best recommendations for 2020.


BAD Signature™ Zip Side Safety Work Boots



BAD Signature Zip Side Work Boots are the newest and most innovative safety work boots from BAD Workwear. They are made from Tasmanian suede leather, making the boots very durable and robust.

These lightweight and waterproof work boots have footbed cushions and an orthopaedic innersole with arch support. The safety cap and toe bumper are the cherry on the cake. BAD Signature™ Zip Side Safety Work Boots are one of the best safety boots on the market.


Blundstone Style 992 Zip Side Safety Work Boots

Blundstone Style 992 Zip Side Safety Work Boots are super comfortable to work boots made in Australia. They have thermal regulating and anti-bacterial bamboo lining, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

These boots also incorporate a heat resistant outsole and are water, oil, and acid-resistant. You will get a six-month warranty if you purchase this boot from BAD Workwear.


Mack Octane Zip Side Safety Work Boots Mkoctanez

Mack Octane Zip Side Safety Work Boots have a 160mm padded and scalloped collar to allow the foot to a flexible range of motion while also supporting the ankle.

These boots are flexible and the side zips mean they are quick and easy to get on and off. Reflective material is also applied to the heels for additional safety. For a six month warranty, purchase this boot from BAD Workwear.

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