The Best Orthopaedic Work Boots Review and Buyer's Guide

Orthopaedic work boots are specially designed to brace and protect your foot, ankle and leg. These boots are used to balance and protect the foot alignment of tradies across every industry, and of all ages. Orthopaedic work boots also shape your wider toe box, provide added support and modify one's balance in the boots. BAD workwear supply scientifically designed orthopaedic work boots across Australia and worldwide, and they are loved and appreciated by all users.

Orthopaedic work boots from BAD Workwear come in three main widths (narrow, regular and wide), providing buyers with more sizing options for unique feet. BAD Hurricane boots are soft and comfortable, with a steel safety cap, flexible, lightweight material and are super-fast to get on and off. They are also the most fashionable modern orthopaedic work boots going around.

Some tradies have a forefoot touches the upper sole of their work boots, mainly because they have 'crossed-over toes'. In this situation, it is better to use work boots with taller upper soles like LUX™ boots, to align your foot appropriately inside the boot. This work boot has metallic eyelets and 4- line stitching which makes it more durable and ensures it meets all Australian safety standards.



Orthopaedic work boots help in abolishing any pain you may feel from a strain, when you walk. If you have a habit of walking by putting more pressure on your toes than your heel, you can change how you walk with the help of the right pair of work boots, that will hold the rear of the foot with a supportive heel.

If you have experienced foot pain several times while at work, or have large, wide or narrow feet, you should probably get a pair of orthopaedic work boots. These boots will be more supportive than regular ones and help you align your feet and ankle properly. They also provide safety from extreme hazards with the use of a steel cap.

Orthopaedic boots are made to have proper insoles measured and adjusted to fit your feet perfectly; it also helps to develop good posture, keeping you agile without pain. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) adds wedging to lift the foot's heel to reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot.



The use of orthopaedic boots enhances blood circulation in your body by providing plenty of space for your feet to move around; this reduces discomfort or foot-related pain.  

Regardless of how long you may have been suffering or experiencing foot pain or problems, you can get rid of these foot problems with comfortable and more supportive boot options. In addition to this, these work boots are now more stylish than ever, so you don’t need to choose between comfort and style.

As a responsible supplier of orthopaedic work boots across Australia and worldwide, BAD workwear assures that their products help workers gain ease from their foot pain while working, and even provide better alignment and posture. Orthopaedic boots from BAD are comfortable, durable, stylish and cheap too.

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