Why the Existing Weather Unpredictability Calls For Your Wardrobe to Be Kitted Out With Summer and Winter Workwear

Have you ever woke up to see the rain pouring down the window, and then you get up and have to dress appropriately for rain, then as you are on your way to work, the clouds clear, and the sun is suddenly out? You might be familiar with this feeling.

Unbearable humidity, spontaneous rain, surprise wind with the occasional sunshine - the weather can sometimes be very annoying and unpredictable, which makes getting dressed for work quite frustrating. The key is to ensure your workwear wardrobe is full of both summer and winter workwear.

When it comes to nailing your work look, you need to pick the right fabrics and layer your clothes. To help with this we have rounded up 5 must-have workwear pieces, that will help you to beat that unpredictable Australian weather.





The centre point of ‘versatile weather appropriate’ dressing is a great jacket. Pair this incredible bomber with a hi-vis shirt and cotton shorts or pants. Complete your work look with your work boots and you are ready for any unpredictable weather.

When choosing a bomber for your wardrobe, make sure it is made with high-quality materials, that will last through the seasons.




Carrying a jacket is the easiest way to keep yourself warm and also look stylish. A jacket is perfect for and extremely useful in versatile weather because it’s easy to put on or take off as you need it.  

The way to make this look work is by sticking to the dark coloured bottom, to go with your hi-vis down jacket. Opt for a lightweight and compressible jacket, so that you don’t feel or look bulky. The BAD hi-vis down jacket is the ultimate grab-and-go jacket; an essential in any workwear wardrobe.




Cotton is the best fabric for any unpredictable weather, and it is both breathable and durable. Make a statement in your cotton drill work pants, perfect for any unpredictable weather and standard fit cotton pants work perfectly in the Australian summer.

Pair your cotton pants with a hi-vis shirt and a black bomber jacket, for the ultimate stylish yet practical work look.




A fleece hoodie is the perfect go-to piece for when it comes to choosing an outfit for uncertain weather. Throw a BAD essential fleece hoodie over a plain T-shirt when it is cold and when feeling warm you can just tie the hoodie around your waist or over your shoulders.

Go for simple colours like navy, army green, black, white or grey and lastly make sure the hoodie you purchase is water and stain resistant and offers UV  protection, just like the BAD fleece hoodie does.




Footwear is the most essential piece of workwear. It both completes your workwear looks and protects you from workplace hazards.

Be prepared for rain with boots that are waterproof yet lightweight, so they aren’t a pain to wear. Also, make sure any work boots you buy are made from high-quality leather, have a toe safety cap, and are oil and acid-resistant.

A versatile wardrobe is key to successfully dressing for unpredictable weather. Be ready for any weather with high-quality workwear, and take comfort in the fact that you are prepared for any weather Australia brings.


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