The 'Essential' Workforce - Why Plumbers, Builders, Constructers, Carpenters, Electricians Etc. Are So Vital To Our Economy

The blue-collar workers of Australia – plumbers, builders, constructors, carpenters and electricians are proving to be more vital than ever for the growth and success of our country's economy.

From those who build the roads, to those who set up fibre cables so that we can have uninterrupted internet; from those who collect waste, to those who build houses. Without these jobs getting done, life wouldn't be so easy and comfortable for the rest of us and the country's infrastructure would not be so developed.

Labours who work in industries like manufacturing, mining, construction, warehousing, farming, waste collection, recycling, and many other types of physical work are immensely crucial to the economy of our country.

Here are some reasons why the ‘essential’ workforce is so vital to our economy:



Blue-collar workers are the driving force for future development, and they have essentially built our civilisation. The country heavily depends on the blue-collars for construction or maintenance of the infrastructure.

We would not have roads, huge school buildings, fancy offices, parks, electricity, water supply, airports, railways, gas pipelines, and many other infrastructure s without them. Right now, they are on the front-line and continue working throughout the pandemic, so that maintenance work can continue. These hard-working labourers are especially the backbone of our society.


Emergencies Don’t Stop for a Pandemic

Blue-collar workers are essential during the pandemic. An emergency doesn’t stop just because of a bigger crisis. Things will keep breaking – the internet may not work, power outlets stop working, sewage problems may occur, a pipe could burst and many other problems.  We need them around, so that when these things do occur, there is someone there to help.


They Haven’t Stopped

Most of us are working from home or not working at all due to coronavirus outbreak. Our countries blue-collar workers don’t have this choice, their work cannot be done from home, and luckily for us, they haven’t stopped their hard work.

Some of the riskiest yet important jobs that need to be done, even in this situation is waste collection and keeping the surroundings clean. This put’s anyone at risk during the spread of a virus but everyone in society keeps pushing through despite the risks.

While the whole world is on pause, and the economy of the country is going down during this pandemic, these workers are keeping our economy going by continuing to work and build up our society.

The collective future of the country is determined by whether these blue-collar jobs are filled. A thing that will never change is the value of skilled and hardworking tradesmen in this modern economy.

Blue-collars workers are continuously building this country. Not just building but also running it through their long hours of hard work and dedication. Without their efforts, the country and its economy would be nothing.



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