The Perfect Winter Wardrobe Doesn't Exi.... Winter Is Coming And Here Is Everything You Need To Know.

As we begin to head into the last months of Autumn, we become very aware of the approaching winter season and the conditions it will bring. While winter is one of the drearier seasons, that doesn’t stop blue-collar workers from heading out into harsh conditions every day and working hard.

During this season it is important for everyone, especially those working outdoors or in open spaces, to stay warm and healthy and protect themselves from the environment.

It’s crucial that all tradies learn to stay protected against any drops in temperature as cold weather can affect your body’s ability to fight off viruses and infections. By keeping warm, you can help yourself stay well this winter and stay comfortable at work.

To keep warm, you need to have the appropriate workwear for whatever the weather brings. The basic guidelines of what to wear are:


  • Layers: Wear plenty of thin layers rather than one thick one. There is no doubt that layering is one of the best things you can do to beat the cold. Your body loses most of its heat through your neck, head and feet. So, wearing a warm hat, keeping your neck out of the elements and selecting proper work boots is paramount to staying war
  • Fabrics: It’s also important to choose the right fabrics that trap heat easily, while allowing sweat to evaporate. Wool, polyester fleece and polypropylene are recommended, and it is advised that you don’t wear cotton if you are layering.




While it is easy to follow the basics, we believe in not only keeping warm, but looking stylish while doing it. A versatile wardrobe is key to successfully dressing for harsh conditions. Here is the perfect winter wardrobe that you didn’t think existed:


BAD Hi-Vis Polo Shirt

This polo shirt comes in a long sleeve and a short-sleeve option making it perfect for layering. It has a stylish and modern fit and make, that comes in multiple colours and a soft cotton collar to prevent chaffing. The Hi-Vis style is also perfect for the worksite, so even if you need to take off your other layers you will still be safe and visible on site.

It is made of a lightweight, breathable soft micromesh fabric. The micromesh fabric is perfect for moisture wicking and is anti-bacterial to prevent excessive swear and odour; the perfect starting layer.



BAD Essential Hi-Vis Fleece Hoodie

This fleece hoodie is the perfect go-to piece for any harsh or un-certain weather. The extra thick fabric and the elastic waist and cuffs will help you retain body heat and ensure a perfect fit, to keep you warm even through the coldest of conditions. Also, the added bonus of a 3M Scotchgard water and stain repellent finish makes it perfect for winter.  It also complies with the necessary guidelines of a Hi-Visibly garment, making it a great addition to your workwear wardrobe.  Layer this item with a polo.



BAD Hi-Vis Down Jacket

Having a BAD Hi-Vis Down Jacket on hand is the easiest way to keep yourself warm but also looking stylish. This waterproof layer that can go over your hoodie, is versatile and can easily be taken on and off as needed. The modern and stylish fit will not go unnoticed but it also lightweight and easily compressible, with a down like filling to provide warmth and protection from the wind. Another perfect layering item as its materials are moisture wicking and anti-bacterial to prevent excessive sweat and odour. Juts to add, it is also safe for the worksite with Hi-Vis properties and a reflective front and back logo.


BAD Signature Zip Side Safety Work Boots

Footwear is the most essential piece of workwear. It both completes your workwear wardrobe and protects you from workplace hazards.

The BAD Signature work boots are waterproof but light weight, so they are not a pin to wear and perfect for the wintertime. They also made from beautiful Tasmanian suede leather with footbed cushions, an orthopaedic innersole and soft and comfortable arch support – comfort is essential.

Make sure any work boots you buy are made from high-quality material, have a toe safety cap and are oil and acid resistant. This way your work boots are not only a safety addition to your workwear wardrobe, but they are also stylish and fashionable one.


Accessories; BAD Bamboo Work Socks

Accessories are important in the winter, as these add an extra layer of protection, especially to the areas of your body that lose heat quickly. BAD Bamboo Work Socks are the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe. Bamboo fibre is naturally breathable and anti-bacterial – comfort and care for your skin. The organic bamboo is also beautifully soft and can eliminate rubbing, chafing and discomfort. These extra thick work boot socks will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter season.



By including a mix of these essential BAD workwear items in your wardrobe you can ensure that you are staying dry, warm and healthy throughout the harshest winters. Don’t forget to layer up! The perfect winter workwear wardrobe that is just as stylish as is it practical, bet you never thought it existed.

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